Being born on the East Coast less than 25 miles from New York City, the man we call “the Hammer” found it easy to become interested in music. Angelo started as a drummer in the early 60’s and switched to guitar when the Beatles invaded America in 1964. He has been involved in many bands, performing Doo Wop, 50’s and 60’s covers, jazz standards and country, but his true love has always been the music of the late 50’s and 60’s--artists like Buddy Holly, the Beatles, and of course Elvis!  “I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my musical journey, as we continue forward with a new revived Roustabout Band. Won’t you join us?





Archie Maxwell is a relic whose true age can only be determined by the Carbon-14 method, though he’s often been heard to say, “the Sixties were such a great time that I decided to just stay there.” Does this mean that his guitar style derives from the groups of that era like the Beatles and Stones? Ask him and he’ll just mumble, “Aw shucks—I just play what the voices in my head tell me to play


Keith relocated to the Valley in Jan 2017 from New Jersey. He started his band “Soul Groove” in 2003 and is still a long-time member of the N.J. band “The Kootz”. Keith still performs with both bands when he goes back East to visit family. He also is still a member of “Jukebox Memories” a N.J. oldies band for 20 years that helped “train”  him  for this great, new adventure!

Heavily influenced by the Motown and Philadelphia sounds as well as Jazz, Keith has found a home with Roustabout.  When asked Keith replied “There is nothing like the classic oldies to stir the emotions of the audience.  It makes people think of the happy, innocent times in their lives, and I'm happy to help them remember!

Keith looks forward to “Grooving with his new friends in Roustabout!


Jim was born and raised right in the heart of Detroit Michigan and grew up on Motown and Bob Seger music.  He starting playing drums at 11 years old and was in his first rock band at 13.   Jim played in the house band at a popular Detroit lounge for 4 years straight with a band that recorded a number of singles trying to make it big.  When his 2nd son was born he gave up playing to focus on family and an automotive engineering career.  He had a 25 year hiatus from playing but never gave up on the dream.  Fast forward to 2005 when Jim and his wife Julie went on an Oldie's Music Cruise and saw Bill Haley's Original Comets.  Dick Richards, Haley's original drummer, blew Jim away with a 7 minute drum 81 years old!!  That's when Jim told Julie...if he can do it at 81..I can surely do it again too!  They came home, Jim pulled his old set of Ludwig drums out of the garage that he still had all those years, and got back into playing music.  After playing in a few other 50's-60's bands in Phoenix he joined up with Roustabout in 2015 and it has been a fantastic ride!!   With some recent changes in the band Jim looks forward to even more success, and FUN playing Good Time Rock and Roll and backing Jim Westover as Elvis


“Elvis Presley's voice, songs and presence…. would always deeply fill my soul.”  This is what Jim Westover found at a very early age when he began singing along with his Elvis records.   With a devout passion, Jim would sing and dance along with those records, and one day he would capture his own image of Elvis


Jim’s professional experiences have led him to become one of the top Elvis tribute artists in the business.  “As a kid from Indiana I grew up on Elvis. I got in the music business in 2004 and started out playing country music, and honing my vocal and stage tribute to the King”  His broad backdrop of skillful versatility adds genuineness to his tribute show he produces with Roustabout.  He enjoys performing the 70’s Concert years of Elvis' career, including some of the great Gospel songs that Elvis recorded.


In his own words, "From the many years of admiration of Elvis, I've sought to

create a show that would hold the excitement of the King on stage throughout various stages of the concert years in the 70’s.  I strive to show respect and honor the integrity of the man and his music." 


With the voice, look, and passion of the most electrifying entertainer of all time, Jim

Westover captures Elvis Presley's “magic” to audiences of all ages.

Lisa is a young lady with a beautiful voice. She has been a part of Jim Westover's Elvis Tribute "Relive the Magic" Show for the past 5 years providing back up vocals